A Vermont artist’s photographs about nature and place.

"Masked." Below that, in black, "An exhibition of work by Vermont artists with disabilities, traveling statewide 2022-2023. Virtual Opening Reception: Wednesday, January 26th, 2pm & 6pm, Facebook Live, www.facebook.com/inclusiveartsvermont." Below that, there are symbols for accessibility: a question mark in a circle, a person in a wheelchair, large print, services for those who are blind or have low vision, assisted listening, audio description, and ASL. Next to those symbols it says, "For accessibility requests: Heidi Swevens - 802.871.5002, exhibitions@inclusiveartsvermont.org. To the right, there are logos for Inclusive Arts, Spruce Peak, and the NEA with a sentence below that says, "This project is supported in part by an award from the National Endowment for the Arts." At the bottom, it says, "www.inclusiveartsvermont.org, 802.871.5002, info@inclusiveartsvermont.org"
View work by Carol Langstaff this year 2022-2023
“Masked” exhibition by Inclusive Arts Vermont.


“I relish experiencing a sense of place, unexpected discoveries wherever I am.  The MASKED theme, draws me to discovery the many different ways to cover up a hole in the street.   Many are round, preventing a person from falling in when working down under.  They are meant to protect and cover up.  I hope you’ll be inspired to notice what’s in front of you in a new way.”


MY WORK — (Top Photo) In attempting to give the land a voice, I strive to notice my surroundings and hope to inspire others to do so. In nature, I tend to see things metaphorically—the different textures and shapes representing different aspects of my life and world.

What’s around me?  Frosty mornings, I awake to magical, crystal tracks patterned in my window.  The pond water reflects and holds things afloat—both of which I need to do.  Because of my awareness of our gigantic population, I’m fascinated with masses of things.  What collectively do we look like?

Above Photograph: entitled, “Golden Poplars