Wood provides clean air as it breathes, shade when it’s wearing its leaves and seeds of promise.  It lets us take to build with – still showing off its beauty.  It decays with grace, feeding and home to small creatures.

Above: “Ladder” commission. Inspired by the ‘Jacobs Ladder’ toy,  that you hold up high and click down the little wooden segments attached with a double ribbon.  Keeping with wood I make ribbons out of birch bark to connect 5 dry-mounted photos.  I take commissions to make any series of 5.  They hang about 36″ down x 7″ across.  Cost: $300

Below: Wood series entitled, “Homes”. 2019

Image No. 1 “Home?
Image No. 2 “Secret
Image No. 3 “Texture
Image No. 4 “Transforming
Image No. 5 “Decay