Climate Change and Our Clothing Decisions

Some Facts All fabrics release microfibers, whether they are organic, like hemp and wool, or synthetic, like polyester, fleece and acrylic. Synthetic fabric is essentially the petrochemical industry manufacturing microfibers that release in the form of microplastic pollution. Plastic microfibers are a disturbingly abundant foreign substance in the Earth’s ecosystem— they make up 90% of … Continue reading Climate Change and Our Clothing Decisions

Next Exhibit: February 15, 2020

ANEW—Burlington, VT ANEW is the latest Inclusive Arts Vermont exhibition showcasing works by Vermont artists with disabilities. This is a traveling exhibition of work by 29 Vermont artists with disabilities. The included artwork represents each artists’ unique interpretation of the title – highlighting beginnings, doorways, fresh starts, and opportunity. The mission of Inclusive Arts Vermont … Continue reading Next Exhibit: February 15, 2020

Next Exhibit- Earth Dialogues January 11, 2020

JANUARY 11, 2020 - FEBRUARY 28, 2020 Earth Dialogues: Carol Langstaff & Ana Flores Narrows Center for the Arts 16 Anawan Street, Fall River, MA 02721 508-324-1926 The two artists in this exhibit have had studios in rural settings for some time; Carol Langstaff has been a long time resident in the hills of Vermont, Ana Flores … Continue reading Next Exhibit- Earth Dialogues January 11, 2020

Here and Now

These days I’m responding to my deep care for our natural world.  I’m taking on the destructive presence of plastic.  I have constructed a costume out of recycled plastic with a headdress of straws. When I go out “shopping” or for a parade appearance, I pull along my “plastic pollution pet” on wheels— made by my granddaughter Amalia. … Continue reading Here and Now