We Can Make a Difference

Our world is shifting fast and many things are sliding down hill. Now is an important time to grab hold of whatever we cherish and envision how it can be, make it stronger, clean it up, or change in some way. See what you want, go there. There are so many wonderful and effective solutions around us— grab hold of one and help it along. We can make a difference if we all do something.

My currant list:

1. Our children need more arts brought into their lives:

Earth & Arts camp—”Giving the Land a Voice Again”

2. We need more live art to happen again

3. Create a performance with kids imagining what we want “instead”

4. A community nurse in every Vermont town

5. Make posters with my friends educating about not washing plastic clothing

One thought on “We Can Make a Difference

  1. Hi Carol,

    You are making a difference. How’s the camp sign up going? And the garden. It has been so cold here and incredibly windy. Not sure how the season will go. I see wind screens in our future, along with the already in place water barrels.

    2 of the medicinals are growing completely different than the other 7 plants! Are the seeds from the same strain?

    Hope you are feeling well as well can be. I am being so careful, not going anywhere until after memorial day when I attend my kid’s graduation. We have a recent uptick in town, everybody is getting covid.

    A friend has offered to accompany me, driving – to the graduation thankfully. I’ve grown concerned with odd vision things that happen, very rarely, not sure why. The earth moves left, whatever I am looking at, moves left. I try to keep up with the vision and can’t. so weird. I am relieved to have her with me.

    Miss you. I wish we lived closer and could visit, garden and create together.



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