“Me Too”

To Teachers about to start up again!

  “ My son’s first grade teacher started her own “me too” movement.  On the first day of class she had all of them stand and say what their favorite hobby is, or what their favorite toy is, or favorite food is etc…  If you also like it you must say “me too” and go stand within that group.

     The children had so many things in common they were continuously shouting “ME TOO” and moving from group to group.  The children instantly realized just how much they have in common with their class mates and that made them less anxious, more relaxed and comfortable, laughing and talking and quickly making friends.

    Teachers can make to world a better place. “   —Eliyah Liel

One thought on ““Me Too”

  1. I love this. It is perfect for children – and grownups. How are you?

    Drought, chipmunks, bunnies able to chew holes through covered chicken wire are enjoying most of the kale, all the beans and bites of tomatoes.

    I’m doing a new body/mind course and loving it. Need to start singing. Unable to return

    To teaching, as I will not sign up for another vax experience.

    Did you get to B&P?

    Knowing you, you are onto the next project. I hope you got some good relaxation in after camp.

    Sending love,



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