Plastic Protest Art

I’m responding to our youth’s awareness of the climate crisis. As one articulate kid said, “we need to keep at this from all angles”.  I became a plastic fighter and began by packing my own container and fork.         

Participate in making PLASTIC PROTEST ART! I hope that students and others will pull lots of PLU stickers off of veggies and fruits and collect them onto plastic sheets (or some plastic surfaces in your recycle pile), or wax paper, so they can be used to create mosaics or collages of plastic fighting art.  Preferably the card or poster would picture something relevant to reducing plastic, like what we want instead of plastic, or words over a background “HELP!  KEEP ME OFF!”   These plastic-fighting art pieces should be displayed in public places and eventually sent to suppliers.

Who and Where:  Libraries can act as collection sites and could host workshops to make the art.  Considering encouraging and helping your local schools to offer it to 3rd & 4th graders and kids in the After School Program. This idea is fun, important and doable.  You too can become a plastic fighter.  Embracing change though art,  Carol

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