The Connected Issue of Plastic

If we start to refuse plastic in our own daily lives, we can slowly promote less demand for plastic manufacturing. The focus towards oil and gas companies, passing laws to help protect the environment, the political need to push for climate change, upsets me when I see we’re still a major part of the problem.  It’s so much, so upsetting and so hard, what can we do? Let’s start right at home.

By addressing imaginative ways of approaching our plastic consumption, we can work towards stopping the gas companies from their plan to increase plastic  manufacturing 40% by 2025.

Some PLASTIC Facts:

  • Massive petrochemical complexes are being built to produce

  • 1.6 million tons of polyethylene plastic each year 

  • “Fracking” and “Cracking” is a process that spoils our water big time

  • The Water that we drink is now laced with plastic 

  • The Soil is now contaminated with plastic

  • The Air that we breathe is now compromised by plastic

  • Our Trash is running out of places to go

Some PLASTIC Solutions:

  • We can educate ourselves about alternatives to using plastic

  • We can change our personal habits in a creative, fun way

  • We can ask the suppliers to find alternatives— they’re out there

  • We can work on changing the laws about plastic

This issue is connected to so much of our everyday life and the many little decisions we make as we tread our own consumer paths. 

Won’t you climb on board and start by changing one habit right now?

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