Envisioning Our Future Lives

Take a Page from the Toilet Paper Scarcity

Our Waste. This is one thing we know that’s still going to be around after the pandemic.  Restless for action?  We can start rethinking our sustainable systems regarding our refuse. Treading this path will lead to reducing our fossil fuel consumption.  This is a doable road to an ultimate goal.

I’m going to channel my energy by envisioning and sharing what I would like our lives to be like in the future:  

•  Many backyard composts which people use to grow wonderful organic food.

•  Many new ways of nifty packaging, like the art of Japanese paper folding.  

•  Artisans making reusable containers that grace our homes.  

•  Most products are made and traded locally.  

•  An abundance of swapping and “Give Aways” of stuff.  

•  We’ve all become circumspect about buying. “Do I really need it?” —becomes a built in habit. 

•  Instead of driving to the gym to workout, more gardening, hiking and biking. 

•  We’ll be outdoors more, cherishing the natural word and helping to preserve what we have. 

•  There’s going to be a growing spread of regenerative agriculture.

•  Our communities will have more collective services:  Canning Kitchens, Butchering facilities, Cider pressing, etc.  

•  Our clothing, my last wish—eliminate wearing plastic, shed the color black and wearing (synthetic) colors of all sorts!

This time of isolation has been time with self. If my body is my temple in which I dwell, I have been in healing mode. Many of us have been meditating and having insights about ourselves.   Following a spiral out from myself, I find family and then place, then community and state, there’s my country and our whole world.  The changes we make now, can affect everything.

This is a great time for making much needed connections and envisioning what we want.  

How do you want to be spending your time?    

—Carol Langstaff

One thought on “Envisioning Our Future Lives

  1. Carol, lovely!

    I meant to email you about your insightful path of hope and possibility. I am about to zoom to youtube, Sat. classes (can you believe it?) so can’t be poetic and smart, but from my heart – this is fabulous.

    What’s next? This is a movement worth going for. Onward! Sending love and sunshine.



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